Shenzhen Bestviewtech Electronics Co。,LTD (BTV),established in 2014,located in shenzhen china, is an innovative company that specialized in technical computing, mobile solutions and Advertising Equipment。


BTV manufactures a wide range of Data Terminals, Enterprise Mobile computers, Biometric Terminals, Industrial Tablets, which have been widely applying to most of Transportation and Logistics, Retail, express delivery, warehousing, manufacturing and so forth。 Also, BTV Customized a 3D Advertising Equipment for the retail industrial customers。


By providing competitive solution and OEM/ODM service, BTV is the long-term partner of more than 2000 customers in over 100+ countries, our strategy has always been to add value to our client’s business by supplying products of exceptional and sometimes rare capabilities, using the latest technology with the necessary backup and support.



By providing competitive solution and OEM/ODM service, BTV is the longterm partner of more than 2000 customers in over 100+ countries, our strategy has always been to add value to our client’s business by supplying products of exceptional and sometimes rare capabilities, using the latest technology with the necessary backup and support

Our Clients Are Our First Priority


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